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HHI Manufactury is a Swiss company specializing in the sale and customization of high-quality microfiber gloves and towels.

high-quality microfiber gloves and towels

Our company specializes in the processing and sale of high-quality microfiber gloves and towels to meet the ever-increasing demands of the local and international watchmaking industry, among others. In an eclectic approach, our customization services include several printing processes such as digital transfer, ink printing, flocage, and debossing.

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As of today, we offer three distinct product ranges aimed at satisfying an ever-demanding clientele, including their concern for the environmental impact. Indeed, as we are conscious of our responsibility and in line with our beliefs, HHI Manufactury has a range of microfibers made not only of polyester and nylon, but also of recycled materials. Therefore, our three categories of products, which you can find on the Products page, are as follows:


Quality products at competitive prices.


Crafted with top-grade materials by top-notch tailors, this product range represents the best the market has to offer.


Made up of 70% recycled PET, this product range aims to reduce our impact on the environment while maintaining the quality of traditionally crafted products. We are proud to be the first to offer this type of recycled microfiber material in the Swiss market and hope to develop this range to ensure a better future for us and our planet.

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We present to you a sample set – a carefully curated collection for a comprehensive experience with HHI Manufactury. Inside this box, we have meticulously showcased all our products, each uniquely customized with our different services to offer you a complete immersion. It is our sincere desire that our clients can witness firsthand the quality and diversity of our products. If you are interested in receiving a thoughtfully prepared box, feel free to get in touch with us.


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