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About Us

About Us

HHI Manufactury, established in 2022 in Switzerland and located in Orpund in the Biel Seeland, specializes in textile screen printing. Founded by the dynamic and passionate entrepreneur Hani Hussain, the company aims to bring a fresh perspective to the microfiber industry. With a meticulous selection of each microfiber product, the focus is on delivering optimal quality at the best prices, complemented by exceptional service. Customer satisfaction is at the core of the company’s values, and a commitment to staying abreast of industry innovations and consistently renewing itself forms an integral part of its objectives. 

In conclusion, HHI Manufactury distinguishes itself through its freshness, openness to innovation, and unwavering dedication to providing customers with the highest quality service befitting their prestige.

Our commitment

At HHI Manufactury, we are deeply committed to preserving our planet. We have taken significant measures to minimize our environmental impact at every stage of our process. Here’s how we actualize our ecological commitment:


Compostable Packaging

All our products are carefully packaged in compostable materials, contributing to waste reduction and promoting sustainability throughout your experience with our products.


Compostable stickers

The stickers affixed to our packaging are also compostable, ensuring an environmentally friendly solution from the beginning to the end of your interaction with our products.


Recycled and recyclable cardboard

We use recycled and recyclable cardboard to meticulously package all your orders. Additionally, our boxes are sealed with paper tape, eliminating unnecessary plastic.


Ecological product range

Explore our range of ecological products, including items made from microfiber derived from 70% recycled PET. We stay abreast of industry innovations and hope to expand this range in the near future.


At HHI Manufactury, every choice we make is geared towards contributing to a more sustainable future. We firmly believe that every action matters, and we take pride in sharing our commitment to preserving our beautiful planet with you.






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