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We offer a wide range of customization options and colors. However, you can also choose neutral products.


Debossing is our clients’ most beloved process, applied to over 70% of received orders. It allows for a raised design to be created through the pressure and heat applied to a fabric or leather surface. To achieve this result, we use a heat press called an embosser. Equipped with a customized brass die heated to over 180°C, the embosser uses pressure to imprint our towels and gloves. The design is etched in negative and produces a tone-on-tone, textured effect.



Our ink printing process is performed using a machine called a “printing carousel.” It consists of a flat metal surface and a robotic arm that compresses a printing screen containing the desired pattern requested by the customer and covered in ink. Using a squeegee, it reproduces a precise pattern on a given fabric. Specifically, the printing screen (also called a “stencil”) prevents the compressed ink from reaching the substrate, except through previously cut-out shapes that will reveal the desired design. The ink applied to the fabric surface is then dried in a specialized oven for a cleaner and more durable finish.



Flocking or hot stamping is a two-step printing process that combines the previously mentioned printing carousel with a heat press. In this process, the compressed ink is replaced with glue forming the desired pattern. Then, a stamping foil made of a metallic material is compressed by a heated plate onto the adhesive pattern. Thus, the material melted by the heat will mark the fabric by bonding and perfectly follow the traced design made with the adhesive substance.

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